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Russell Block - Internet Applications Development
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Complete Website Development and Internet Programming

for as little as     $90.00

Simply no-nonsense internet programming for the business of doing business. I can build you a complete, ground-up website creation, or develop an enhancement for your existing website.

A great website is a pleasure to experience. It invites you in and makes you feel welcome. A good design is tasteful and well-matched to the content of the site itself. Website content should be fresh, well-organized and accessible. Everything should work properly. Flashy design can never compensate for usability problems.

There should be no doubt in the minds of your visitors that you have what they need. Within the first 2 seconds your visitor must know that they have come to the right place. Because, that is all you get, 2 seconds. If your website can not do that, they leave. And, you know what? They are not coming back.

I am biased toward refined simplicity. I avoid anything that distracts from your functional core message. I will provide you a design with the most essential information and stunning visual impact. Functional, reliable and visually appealing.

My websites are easy to understand and simple to navigate. They are attractive without being overwhelming. With clear, faultless navigation and redundant links placed on every page, your customers will not stray from your website. Plus, they will never become lost in a mayhem of disoriented links. Logical thought is applied to your user interfaces, the page layout schemas, and the information architecture of your website.

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